Complete solutions

Schermafbeelding 2020-12-29 om 14.06.11

PhotonFirst has the unique knowledge, competences and in-house capabilities to develop complete solutions in-house. From fundamental research since 2006, we have developed a comprehensive set of modules. These modules are designed and engineered by PhotonFirst while in some cases strategic experts like design houses are contracted for detailed design on the lowest component level (chips, electronics, sensors and software). Manufacturing of the hardware components is also outsourced since economies of scale are required for competitive cost-prices and culture in manufacturing environments is different (efficiency driven) from the creative and innovative atmosphere at PhotonFirst.

Based on the modular architecture, PhotonFirst develops in close collaboration with its customers the application that improves the performance of the end-user in its advanced end-market (have a look at our cases in aerospace, automotive, medical, high-tech systems, energy and infrastructure).

Finally and uniquely, PhotonFirst has its own PIC packaging lines (these are 80% application specific and therefore useful to have in-house) and assembles both the various sub-systems like interrogators and sensor arrays as well as the complete solution. Dedicated after sales support completes the value chain of PhotonFirst, allowing us to ‘own’ complete development projects from start to finish and the regular supply that follows.