Fueling Growth in the Integrated Photonics Industry

ABN AMRO arranges financial space to support Technobis ramp-up scenario

ABN AMRO and Technobis strengthen their collaboration resulting in a 1 million long-term financing package to support Technobis ramp-up scenario based on integrated photonics technology for optical sensing systems.

Last year ABN AMRO and sector association PhotonicsNL conducted a survey and the results indicates that the Dutch photonics industry has huge growth potential. At present, a total of 160 businesses, knowledge centres and universities are active in this line of industry; together, they represent a value of nearly 2 billion euros of revenue. This makes the sector a relatively small player in the manufacturing industry as a whole, but its potential is great.

Fully in line with this survey, Technobis is expanding rapidly and gains market share. The company recently completed an extension of their building in Alkmaar which will be the facility for a back-end foundry for photonic integrated circuits with a production capacity of hundreds of optical sensing systems per month.

This collaboration, initiated by Pim Kat (CEO) and Coen Michielsen (CFO) from Technobis and Jeroen Deeterink (Relationshipmanager Medium & Large Enterprises Alkmaar) from ABN AMRO, with effective work capital management enables subsequent phases in technology maturity and company growth.