Japan International Aerospace Exhibition in Nagoya

Every four years, the Japan International Aerospace Exhibition 2012 is held in the Japanese city of Nagoya, from 9-14 October. This year TFT-FOS was represented at the Marubun Cooperation stand as a technology and product supplier.


This is the largest aerospace show in Japan and many major players were present: JAXA, SJAC, Boeing, Bombardier, JAA, Honeywell Aerospace, EADS, Kawasaki-, Mitsubishi-, Fuji Heavy Industries and many more. There were several foreign pavilions and over 750 exhibitors in total, providing a fantastic opportunity to meet all kinds of aerospace interests.

Together with Marubun’s highly skilled employees and several other invited technology suppliers, we were able to provide a very professional presentation that gave visitors an indepth view of applied fiber-optic sensing technology. One of the highlights was the TFT-FOS
presentation of the first prototype of a photonics integrated circuit (PIC) based interrogator system. Visitors were amazed by the size and performance of this innovation, causing a sensation on the spot.

TFT-FOS is very grateful to Marubun for the opportunity to be part of this impressive exhibition and for introducing us to their sales force. The efforts of last few months promise to result in very interesting future relationships.