Regiodeal enables growth PhotonFirst as part of PhotonDelta Ecosystem


PhotonFirst is a proud partner within the mission-driven ecosystem of PhotonDelta. Jointly, we aim to innovate in Integrated photonics to solve social and technical challenges. Therefore, we are grateful for the Regiodeal contribution of 35 million to maintain the world's leading position and take photonics technology to the next level, acting as a flywheel for growth. 

We will use this to spread knowledge on photonics and showcase the solutions we bring to the market with our cutting-edge technology. This allows us to stay at the forefront of Integrated Photonics Sensing solutions to improve the performance of aircraft, wind turbines, electric vehicles and many more advanced applications.

We are ready to change the world by measuring with light, and you? Contact us via if you want to discuss or learn more!