We measure shape

Shape Sensing is one of the versatile applications in a wide market spread, made practical with the use of fiber optic sensors for strain sensing. The properties and capabilities of optical fibers regard strain sensing, their high endurance and chemically inertness allow successful implementations in demanding environments. Deformation of shapes can be monitored by direct measuring strain values from the deforming object, or by allowing a fiber sensor equipped transducer to indirectly monitor the deformation of the object through the transducer.

When multiple parallel sensing fibers or multicore fibers are used to measure strain under bending circumstances, the shape of the fiber path can be reconstructed from the measured strain values with specific algorithms. Shape sensing is of interest for all kinds of structures. Aerospace structures, medical instrumentation, civil structures, etc. are known to be fields of interest for shape sensing capabilities. Especially the use of the now readily available multicore fibers allows low cost, low AIT effort solutions.

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