We measure the world.


Since 2006, we are unlocking the power of the photon to measure temperature, strain, pressure and shape. It is our ambition to become the global innovation leader in integrated photonics sensing and OEM’s partner of choice for advanced applications. We measure the world.


PhotonFirst was born from Technobis IPS on January 1st, 2021.

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Award winning innovations

PhotonFirst is one of the pioneers in the deeptech domain of integrated photonics sensing. Applications range from aerospace fuel system temperature, to carbon fiber shape changes, EV battery temperature, infrastructure strain measurement and acoustic monitoring in medical systems.

Airbus innovation award

Our Integrated Sensing solutions are proving its worth with our customers and development partners! In the last couple of years, we embarked on a challenging, ground-breaking journey together with SAAB. After having shown the robustness of FBG-based sensing using our PIC-based interrogators in a flight-tests and programs, we were trusted with, in a cooperation with SAAB, the development of a revolutionary high-tech sensing solution to monitor Overheat Detection System (OHDS) for the A350 platform, based on our state-of-the-art fiber sensing solutions. This innovative work has recently been recognized, by the granting of our customer with the Airbus Innovation Award. 

Airbus Innovation Award
Penta Award for Excellence

the 2020 Penta Award for Excellence

PhotonFirst participated in the DISPERSE project, which was recently presented with an award for excellence during the EFECS 2020 online event. Amongst others, DISPERSE has led to enabling cross-market technology transfer, for instance the technology to increase efficiency in radio astronomy communications. Through extensive collaboration with Astron, PhotonFirst has contributed to the development of radio astronomy telescope applications with the implementation of integrated photonics technology. Ultimately, this effort has led to an extensive Dutch contribution in the construction of the International Square Kilometer Array (SKA) telescope – the world’s largest radio telescope.












PhotonFirst has extensive experience in various aerospace applications for commercial aircraft as well as helicopters and UAVs.

High Tech

high tech

In many high-tech systems, accuracy and predictability are key to the performance of the equipment. This where we come in.

MRI Scan medical


PhotonFirst technology is used in a growing number of medical applications. We measure patient temperature or biopsy needle shape.

Automotive Market


We measure critical performance aspects in mobility applications. EV battery temperature and downforce in race cars to name a few.

Energy Markets


Renewable energy applications are broad from wind turbine blade monitoring to underwater shape sensing. Predictive maintenance is key.

Infrastructure market


We measure strain and temperature for various Structural Health Monitoring applications in buildings, bridges and cable.

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