Towards the application of Morphing Movables in Aerostructures

The framework of the project is to support the development of an active morphing winglet demonstrator within the Airframe ITD. The current project will deliver elements necessary for the future industrialisation of the technologies involved in morphing movables. These elements concern (I)- a comprehensive material behaviour characterisation and prediction method, specific for the requirements coupled with this application, subsequently called ‘Part A’, (II)- a production method necessary to demonstrate the application of a novel pressurised cell actuation system subsequently called ‘Part B’. Both parts are complementary, though these will support two types of demonstrators. The first part is meant to realise a large step towards qualification of the morphing technology on focussing on materials able to realise morphing deformation in an existing concept, while the second one focuses on a technology integrating all aspects related to morphing movables, around an innovative fluid-based control system, named FAMoUS.

PhotonFirst will provide knowledge and hardware for the strain mapping system for monitoring the morphing behaviour which will be integrated in the FAMoUS winglet demonstrator.