PIC Packaging Insights from an Industry Expert

Photonics Integrated Circuits (PICs) are at the forefront of advanced technology, driving innovation in diverse fields such as telecommunications, data communication, aerospace, and quantum computing. However, the successful integration and deployment of PICs heavily relies on robust packaging solutions that ensure their protection, performance, and reliability. In this blog based on an interview with Elvis Wan, an expert from PhotonFirst, we gain insights into the world of PIC packaging and discover how PhotonFirst is setting new standards with our comprehensive approach.

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Topics to be discussed

The Essence of PIC Packaging

PhotonFirst's Pioneering Approach

Meeting Customer Requirements from the Start

Experience in Specific Applications and Industries

Partnering with PhotonFirst



The Essence of PIC Packaging

PIC packaging is a crucial process that involves encapsulating the PIC within a protective case and establishing connections to the external world. By safeguarding the PIC from environmental disturbances, packaging ensures its proper functionality and reliability. Three key types of connections are established in PIC packaging: electrical, thermal, and optical. Electrical connections enable power supply, signal manipulation, and conversion between optical and electrical signals. Thermal connections ensure stable operating temperatures for an optimal PIC performance. Lastly, optical connections facilitate the transmission and reception of light signals via optical fibers.


PhotonFirst's Pioneering Approach

PhotonFirst stands out among its competitors due to its all-extensive approach to PIC packaging. Equipped with an ISO class 8 cleanroom packaging line, PhotonFirst covers a wide range of standard packaging processes. These include visual inspection, functionality testing, die-bonding, wire-bonding, fiber alignment, fiber fixation using laser spot welding, and system integration setup. Leveraging manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic equipment, PhotonFirst offers to the needs of prototyping, mid-volume production, and high-volume manufacturing.

What sets PhotonFirst apart is its extensive expertise in developing packaging technologies for its own PIC-based fiber sensing interrogators. Through deep collaboration with research institutes and technical partners, PhotonFirst translates user requirements into specifications at the PIC, package, and system levels. Moreover, the packaging process follows stringent quality standards and is continuously improved through PDCA projects.


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Meeting Customer Requirements from the Start

We ensure that our packaging process meets the specific requirements of each customer's application through an accurate initial assessment. By conducting extensive Process-Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (P-FMEA), PhotonFirst identifies potential risks and bottlenecks, allowing us to address customer needs effectively. Strong collaborations with research institutes and technical partners further enable PhotonFirst to bridge any gaps and deliver tailored packaging solutions. Some of the most critical aspects in a successful design:

  1. Overcoming Challenges in the Design Process

One of the challenges faced is the need for detailed specifications from customers. To tackle this, we engage in in-depth discussions to fully understand the requirements and collaborate closely with customers during the design process. To improve the overall packaging quality and yield, PhotonFirst has co-developed a fully automatic die-testing equipment that verifies the performance of PICs before integration into packages, both electrically and optically.

  1. Ensuring Quality and Consistency

Commitment to quality and reliability is evident in its strict component income control, thorough verification and validation of packaging processes, in-house qualification of equipment, statistical process control, and rigorous Design-Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (D-FMEA). By implementing continuous improvement methodologies like Kaizen and A3, PhotonFirst maintains consistency across production runs and offers packaging solutions that meet the highest industry standards.

  1. Thermal Management in PIC Packaging

Thermal management plays a critical role in PIC packaging. Temperature variations can affect the refractive index of the PIC and induce internal stress due to coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) mismatches. Active thermal control is often required to maintain optimal PIC performance. With the increasing device density on compact PICs, effective heat dissipation and thermal crosstalk management become crucial. PhotonFirst tackles these challenges by utilizing substrates with high thermal conductivity and achieving CTE matching to minimize temperature-related issues.


Experience in Specific Applications and Industries

Over the last years, PhotonFirst has successfully provided PIC packaging solutions for various industries and applications. We have provided solutions to universities and research institutes, offering low-volume and highly diverse packaging requirements. In the aerospace and automotive sectors, PhotonFirst has met the harsh regulations and quality standards demanded by these industries. In telecommunications and data communications, where high-speed signal rates front challenges, PhotonFirst has developed packaging solutions that excel in complex electronics and RF designs.

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PartnerIng with PhotonFirst

For newcomers to the world of PIC packaging, choosing a reliable and experienced partner is vital. PhotonFirst offers comprehensive support, reducing design iterations and providing cost-effective and time-efficient prototyping options. By consulting PhotonFirst early in the PIC design process, customers can benefit from expert insights and ensure packaging constraints are considered from the start.


For more information about our PIC Packaging Services, don’t hesitate to contact us directly at team@photonfirst.com or visit www.photonfirst.com/pic-packaging-services