FBG sensing can well be used for Structural Health Monitoring for various structures based on strain and temperature levels. By taking the advantage of the high sample rate of our interrogators, with given structural information and the measured strain level, it becomes possible to capture, analyse, and reconstruct the deformed shape of the monitored structure in high-speed.
Please find our most relevant examples below:
  • Health Monitoring in large buildings (Taipei 101)
  • Bridge Monitoring
  • Subsea cable monitoring

Health Monitoring in large buildings (Taipei 101)

Large civil structures have become increasingly vulnerable to natural hazards. Global climate change presents many challenges to our engineering community, such as stronger hurricanes and faster material deterioration. In Taipei City, Taiwan, where earthquakes and strong typhoons are common occurrences, is the Taipei 101 Tower located. With the installation of fiber sensors, structural deformation as an effect of natural phenomena can be monitored. Recent earthquakes were successfully monitored using the PhotonFirst SGTR sensing platform.

Bridge Monitoring

In time structural integrity of civil structures tends to deteriorate due to societal mobility, climate effects and natural material degradation. As a result, bridge health monitoring has become an area of intense interest. Serviceability, safety and sustainability are main concerns in order to maintain optimal structural performance. Long-term structural health monitoring technology based on high performance, distributed fiber sensing developed at PhotonFirst is one of cutting-edge technologies for infrastructure monitoring.

Subsea cable monitoring

The world’s increasing ambition for renewable energy capabilities calls for an increase in offshore cabling solutions. With this increase, their installation and maintenance services for harsh operating conditions are increasingly costly. Remote health monitoring of the cable can be used as an cost-effective asset management tool. By utilization of a reliable, continuous asset monitoring system based on fiber optic sensing technology, condition based and preventive maintenance can significantly reduce total cost of ownership (TCO). PhotonFirst provides in reliable monitoring system solutions that can deliver the health and usage data of cable to assure the quality of long distance cable infrastructures.

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