December 2023 | Exploring the Future of Sensors in Predictive Maintenance with "De Dataloog"

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In this podcast (in Dutch), PhotonFirst is sharing their knowledge and expertise about the roll of sensors in predictive maintenance.  

We're privileged to highlight our participation in the latest episode of De Dataloog's podcast, focusing on the critical role of sensors in predictive maintenance. Gideon Langedijk joined experts to discuss the advancements and practical applications of sensor technology across various industries. This episode dives into the basics of sensors, their integration in modern systems, and their essential role in data collection and predictive maintenance. It also covers the challenges and considerations of industrial sensor deployment and the fascinating use of integrated photonics for corrosion detection and vibration sensors. A must-listen for those interested in technological evolution and smarter maintenance solutions.

You can listen the Podcast from Spotify here: