Open-Innovation Photonics pilot for North West Europe

The Interreg NWE project OIP4NWE is establishing an open innovation pilot line for the development of generic photonic integration technology. 

By providing these services to SMEs across Europe, the project reduces PIC access barriers and strengthens the competitiveness and innovativeness of European SME sustainably on the global markets.

PhotonFirst is proud to participate in the validation programme of OIP4NWE, with the role of a first customer. PhotonFirst promotes the voice of the customer while developing the pilot line and putting this into service. A next generation demonstrator system for integrated photonics sensing applications will be developed by using the pilot line services.    

As application of PICs grows, North-West Europe needs to stay ahead. Therefore, intense collaboration between innovation stakeholders at transnational level is an important goal of the project. In OIP4NWE, equipment manufacturers, a pure-play foundry and researchers collaborate to establish an infrastructure and processes dedicated to the pilot production of photonic integrated circuits (PICs) based on Indium Phosphide. The capabilities will include packaging and external optics as well.

Key information: 

  • Lead partner organisation: Eindhoven University of Technology 
  • Timeline: 2018-2022 
  • Total project budget: € 13.9 million 
  • ERDF-funding: € 8.3 million 
  • Thematic Priority on “INNOVATION“ 
  • Countries involved: The Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium, Ireland, United Kingdom

OIP4NWE consists of 11 full partners and 1 associated partner distributed over the Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium, Ireland and the United Kingdom.OIP4NWE