Our technology measures the world

We use light to measure anything you can imagine. Basically, everything you can measure using electrical sensors can be measured using integrated photonics. Most applications are designed around four principles where we measure changes in the wavelength, amplitude or phase of the light that is sent by an LED (light source) and comes back via a glass fiber to a photonic integrated circuit (or PIC). With these changes we can measure whether the fiber is extended (we can measure strain or related shape changes), expanded (temperature increase will expand the glass) or compressed (we can measure pressure). Based on these principles, we can measure everything we like so the applications are virtually endless.

The uptake of fiber optic sensing solutions over more conventional electrical or mechanical sensors is rapidly accelerating across a broad range of applications. In addition to market specific application, their benefits are employed in monitoring systems of industrial processes, quality control systems, mobility, utility and preventing and controlling general process abnormalities.

With intrinsic and extrinsic advantages of fiber optic capabilities to manipulate light propagation, it is possible to create sensors with a versatile sensitivity to many different environmental states and processes. Probably the most known basic intrinsic measurement capabilities are strain, temperature, and pressure. Extrinsic capabilities typically rely on transducing elements that translate environmental parameters like shape deformation, to a change in the waveguide properties of the optical fiber.

Applications PhotonFirst

The advantage of using integrated photonics sensing systems over traditional measurement principles or devices is found in a number of unique characteristics:

  • Small footprint and compact
  • Lightweight
  • Energy efficient
  • Cost effective at high volumes
  • Low maintenance
  • High endurance
  • Chemical inertness
  • Easy data acquisition

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