We measure strain

Where an object experiences an applied force, its shape tends to change. Imagine a flagpole bending under the influence of wind, aircraft wings deflecting during flight maneuvers, or a large building experiencing shocks and vibrations earthquakes. Such bodies deform when they bear large enough loads.

Strain sensors use this deformation to quantify loads and forces. As such strain is defined as the ratio between the change in material length in the direction of an applied force and the original length. The relationship of strain to load is a function of the known material properties of the object.

The Fibre Bragg Grating (FBG) PhotonFirst uses, is the optical equivalent to conventional electronic strain gauge. Its capabilities are constantly being developed for monitoring applications of conventional and advanced (composite) structures, large buildings, vehicles, etc. FBG sensors are found ideal for demanding conditions for their advantages in size and weight, long term stability, multiplexability, immunity to electromagnetic interference and chemical inertness.

Their applications are versatile for all environments, like monitoring composites for structural degradation, implantation of large sensor arrays for detailed strain field mapping in complex structures, such as aircrafts, large vessels, or bridges.

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